The Local Collection | Tel Aviv
  • “TypicaLocal miniatures attempt to create a snapshot of our environment here and now with a non-romantic gaze. This miniature exhibition provokes discussion and contemplation about design and architecture, about our local surroundings and about the time we live in.”
    What can I say, Tel Aviv never looked so white and minimalistic. I think I like it this way ;)
    BTW, the man behind all this white beauty is Johnathan Hopp.

  • The Tel-Aviv-Jaffa city hall building | 69 Ibn Gvirol street, Tel-Aviv
    Shalom Tower | 1 Echad Ha’am street, Tel-Aviv
  • The Local Collection | Typical box style tenement
    The Local Collection | Bauhaus style tenement | 26 Rosh-Pina street, Tel-Aviv