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  • At first I knew Elad Barouch only as Nophar Haimovitz‘s Mr. but after realizing that this guy is a ball of designed energy, I needed to find out for myself, where does it all come from. Trust me, if you were in my shoes you would have done the same! From studying Industrial Design to designing toys and then shoes and finally jewelery (!!!) Oh, and I haven’t even started to talk about the fact that he lives in my beloved NYC, or the fact that I need to visit their home or better yet their accessories drawer.
    Give it up for the man who can do it all.
    You can get in touch with Eland at:
    eladbarouch {at} yahoo {dot} com
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    The Pop Culture Collection | nOir
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    The man himself, Elad Baruch
I’d love to hear about you, your journey, how it all began.
After graduating from the industrial design department at Shenkar College I started my career designing toys for a local company in Israel. I absolutely loved designing toys. Later on when me and my wife Nophar arrived to NYC I had an amazing opportunity to explore my shoe design fetish, so I decided to enroll for the accessory design program at FIT.
At some point my wife Nophar met Leeora Catalan, the owner and Creative Director at nOir Jewelry, who at the time started collaborating with DC Comics. Her acquaintance led to me helping out with some sketches that sparked my first jewelry design piece – the Gotham City Ring. After that, I took on a full time position at nOir Jewelry. Today as the head designer, I’m designing for the nOir brand, and for our collaborations with Toki Doki, Barbie, LAMB, Disney etc.
Can you describe your work process for me?
For me, the most important part of the design process, is gathering the inspiration, which helps me define what I want the collection to look like. Than, I start to freehand sketching ideas for jewelry pieces, just to throw it out there. We choose the concepts we like and go on to the design process and the actual development, making tech-packs and either sending it to our factories or creating it with our in-house sample room.
Which materials do you work with?
We mostly use plated brass (with real gold), we embellish with enamel, cubic zircon stones and crystals. But it really depends on the collection; we can use ropes, leather, fabric, beads and any material available. We don’t limit ourselves, and we are known for using various techniques and materials.
Do you ever miss designing toys?
I never stopped designing toys and since I‘m not a trained jewelry designer my approach to jewelry design is different in a playful and unorthodox way. As an industrial designer, I think of the jewelry but design as wearable objects.
What is your dream toy?
My favorite toy hands down is a toy named CuBees, from the Japanese manufacture Takara. It’s 4 little cubes, each of them is a different animal like a cow or a duck, and they all sing in harmony conducted by who’s on top. It’s the coolest toy ever, and every time I see it in action I am filled with joy.
What is the most unusual piece you have ever designed?
I think, probably my See Saw Bike, that I designed for Design Miami. An art installation that stands on the thin line between reality and imagination. Creating a sense of illusion that the SeeSaw can actually work.
The most unusual jewelry piece I designed is probably from our new pop art collection, I designed a pretzel with mustard necklace…
  • Bi-cycle | Elad's graduation project
    Bi-cycle | Elad's graduation project
  • Bi-cycle | Elad's graduation project
Now that school is over, what’s next? what is your dream?
I am already living my dream; I live and work in the most amazing city in the world, New York. I work for an amazing company, designing cool products that are being worn by many people, and loving every minute of it!
I’m curious to know where does your inspiration come from?
It really depends on the project, for nOir, since I live in NYC, I draw allot of inspiration from NYC Architecture, exhibitions and people watching on the street. If I do collaborations with others, I have their inspiration or art to guide me. When we did the Fantasia collection for Disney, I Watched the movie numerous times and loved the scene where the dinosaurs wake up from the sand, so we designed the Dinosaur Bones Pave Cuff. I also received access to some of the amazing sketch work of the original Disney animators.
Can you tell me which designers inspire you?
I love Givenchy, Lanvin, and Tom Binns for their beautiful yet edgy jewelry collections.
What about some web sites and blogs that you visit regularly?
1stdibs, street fashion photographer blogs, Core77, AnOther Magazine and eBay. I love looking at vintage accessories furniture and lighting fixtures.
Your better half is a brilliant designer herself, what is it like for two designers living in the same house?
We brainstorm a lot and get inspired together; we each have a very different point of view and esthetics, so there always is a very interesting discussion going on between us. It’s not always easy, but getting unedited critique from someone you respect and love in the fashion industry is priceless.
What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
Be kind to everyone on your way up, you are sure to meet them on your way down…
If you had an extra hour each day what would you do with it?
Learn to play the guitar I got as a present 2 years ago.
And finally, please do share something random or quirky about yourself.
I love to vacuum!