October 2012

Scrawl Magazine | An Extra Special iPad Moment | October 23.12

It’s always fun discovering new iPad magazines! After obsessing over the Swedish magazine Trendenser, it’s super exciting to find an Israeli magazine who is doing everything right and making the iPad experience extra fun! It’s no secret that I’m an admirerer of all the illustrators out there and secretly wish I could posses …

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DesignBreak Elsewhere | Interviewing Reddish Studio for the JPost | October 17.12

“Naama Steinbock and Idan Friedman do it all together. From cooking to walking Batya (their dog) and yes, even designing.” That’s how I decided to open my interview with Naama and Idan aka Reddish Studio. I’ve been following these two foot steps for a while now and always wanted to get an inside …

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Student Break | Hadar Glick | And Then They Where Six (Vases) | October 15.12

A loss is always a loss. Hadar Glick designed a series of six vases, each deals with the emotions that revolves around memory and loss. “In contrast to flowers, which wither and fade away with time, the vases are constant and serve as an eternal testimony of our memories.” Hadar’s goal was to …

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