August 2012

Student Break | Moran Shulhami-Zvi | Pitch Black | August 13.12

Till 2000 dpi. Such a great tittle for a project. Love the name, love the visuals, love the darkness and in one word, love! I don’t feel like talking too much at this point, I’d rather let the images talk instead. However, if you don’t really understand what you are seeing, I’ll add …

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Student Break | Neta Cohen | Paper Crush and Then Some… | August 12.12

I’ve been looking for this animation all over the web like a mad woman, and finally I found it! Neta Cohen sure knows how to intrigue. Her graduation animation aka Tap to Retry, is also her first attempt at stop motion, how crazy is that?! I can’t stop pressing on the repeat button. …

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One On One Break | Sharon Sides | Traces of Nature | August 9.12

Sharon Sides is a fresh graduate of the Industrial Design Department at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. When you see tens of graduate projects, you don’t really know where to look first. You start to glance and then… you just stop, cause you found something special. That’s exactly what happened to …

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Student Break | Yaara Landau | Changing Forms | August 7.12

When you know, you know! The minute I stumbled upon Yaara Landau’s ceramic zone, at the Shenkar College graduate show, I knew that I’m on to something really special. So special, that I’ll be waiting for the mass production version! Yaara’s ability to create a unified formal language, while playing with different compositions, …

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