Floresta's cutest doughnut
  • It’s been almost two months since I came back from Japan, however I just can’t miss the opportunity to share with you my journey.
    I want to tell you everything so I am working on a series of posts such as my Tokyo and Kyoto favorite places, my stationary findings and of course there is a foodie post that I better start with. As you probably know I’m a foodie and there is no way to sugarcoat it.
    {Photos by me}
  • Ramen Fever . Take One
    Cherry Blossom Pastry
  • Ramen Fever . Take Two
    Heavenly Chocolate Pestry
  •  The Mighty Ramen Vending Machine
    Ramen Fever . Take Three
  • Maple Leaf Shaped Cookie
    Green-Tea KitKat
  • The Real Green-Tea
As you can see, I ate like there is no tomorrow and all this food talk is making me extra hungry ;)-I know it’s not your usual DesignBreak post but I hope you enjoy it and next week there will be a more design related Japanese Break. -Have a yummy weekend, my sweet Breakers.