Foreign Assemblage . Woodblock Print
  • Let me put it this way, when you receive to your inbox a colorful treasure, there is no way I can ignore it!
    That’s exactly how I felt once I got Ellie Malin’s shout out, regarding her super colorful prints.
    “Ellie’s colourful bold art works, reflect a playful approach to image making, where bright colors and form construct the landscape.”
    I spent quite some time at Ellie’s playground and my absolute favorites are the woodblock and the tea towel prints… Yes, the tea towels would be a nice addition to my growing collection.
    {This is an Australian World Break}

  • Two Mountains . Woodblock Print
    Untitled Mountain . Woodblock Print
  • Assemblage Verde. Woodblock Print
    Golden Ranges . Woodblock Print
  • Haya . Tea Towel