Olam | A branch, few books and a concrete shelf
  • Since first writing about the magical world of Jaim Telias, I became a huge fan of his! To be honest, as we speak I’m waiting for him to spill the beans regarding his latest project and the suspense is killing me! It’s not fair getting an email saying “stay tuned”! Anyways, I just realized I haven’t wrote about my favorite Jaim Telias’ creations and now is just about the perfect time. So, say hello to Olam, Caramelos and Alef. I don’t think I need to say much. You can all figure out why I’m hooked. Just one more thing, “Olam” means world in Hebrew, “Caramelos” mean candies in Spanish and “Alef” is the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet.
  • Caramelos | You decide how and where you build your own Caramelos
    Alef | Alef finds its own balance everytime it links to a contest
  • Olam | A branch, few books and a concrete shelf