March 2012

Student Break | Shani Kraset | Black and White Fossils | March 26.12

About a month ago, Galit Barak, one of the most enthusiastic and nicest students I have ever met invited me to the presentation of “Textile Jewelry” at the Shenkar College. One of the projects that excited me the most was the black and white world of Shani Kraset, a third year student at …

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Shiri Hyman | Bag It! | March 19.12

Shiri Hyman lives in a world of her own… It’s like she doesn’t need anyone other than her super wicked brain! Seriously, whenever I bump into her designs, I know they all have the Hyman’s magical touch. It’s like she puts her spell on things… A while back I saw her uber chic …

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Konnichiwa Japan aka ????? |

OK, now I can say it out load… I and my sweet Mr are flying to Japan for almost three weeks vacation. Say what?! I’ve been dreaming of this moment for as long as I can remember and now the time has finally arrived. Even our JR Pass arrived! More than anything, I …

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Shopping Break | Yummy Plush |

Since bumping into someone’s insane KidRobot Yummy Plush collection on Instagram, I can’t calm down! Seriously, I need these super cute plush in my life and the sooner the better. The only problem is that the one I want the most, aka the Pancake Plush is out of stock. Do you think someone …

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