• If I have to pick only one designer, whom I want to adopt as my new best friend, it’s Elinor Avni, one half of NORITAMY. Well, my next new year’s resolution is coming up, so maybe if I work on it real hard, it will come true ;)
    Now seriously, as you all know I’m a massive fan of Elinor and her mother Tammar (there are many posts to prove it). When Elinor invited my to their studio and showed me their latest “Branches” collection I had a hard time breathing… I immediately began holding, turning, wearing and hugging every single piece. I can keep on drooling all day long, so here is Elinor!
    {Photos by Kfir Ziv}
I’d love to hear about you, your journey, how it all began.
Both Tammar (my mom) and I come from artistic backgrounds: Tammar was a painter-sculptor and I was an interior architect for almost 8 years. We always worked with our hands so it was just a matter of time before we turned to jewelry. I guess we each brought a bag of materials and techniques from our previous journeys.
Can you describe your work process for me?
We design new pieces on a daily basis – most of them turn into collections, the ones that don’t usually end up as “one of a kind”. We create 3D models of each piece from the actual material and wear them for a while before selling them. We wear the pieces wherever we go and most of the time clients start pre-ordering even before we start selling.
I’d love to here about your collaboration with your mom. How does it work and who does what?
I can’t say we have a distinct separation of roles in terms of designing, it’s always a collaboration. However Tammar is in charge of the manufacturing (all hand made in-house) and I am in charge of marketing, dealing with buyers, press, clients…
We like to be there for our clients, they expect to see us when they visit our workshop/store and it is fascinating to get to know each one in person. We have clients that have been coming for the past 5 years and they know that they will always find the perfect jewel which will match their personality-size-style.
And what about your collaborations with other designers?
We love to collaborate with other designers. Two of our latest collaborations were with Camilla Wellton, a Swedish fashion designer and the world renown fashion designer Gideon Oberson and his daughter Karen whom we accessorized for their TLV Fashion Week show.
We love the challenge of creating new pieces and matching them to clothing. We really enjoy working with other people, both sides learn from one another and everybody wins.
Which materials do you work with?
We don’t limit ourselves to a particular material, we like to keep our options open. Up until now we worked with silver, gold, brass, stainless polymers, leather, wood, silk, stones… and more. We have some exciting new ideas waiting to happen. We inspire to also design jewelry, cloths, handbags and shoes. We are so full of ideas and we have a lot of fun together.
What is the most unusual piece you have ever designed?
The most unusual piece we designed were two sculptures we carved in wood for a German Client, who wanted to put them on his desk. It turned out great.
  • Behind the scenes | Photo by Noa Israeli
    Behind the scenes | Photo by Noa Israeli
  • Photo by Keith Glassman
    Photo by Keith Glassman
  • Photo by Keith Glassman
What’s next? What is your dream?
New collections, new places in the world to sell and visit… I actually like the thought of not knowing what’s next, then again, who really does?!
I’m curious to know where does your inspiration come from?
We get inspired by abseloutly everything. Zaha Hadid‘s buildings, ARTechnic / Architect (a Japanese firm), fashion, art, nature, the weather… Because I come from a background in architecture It’s a major source of inspiration.
Can you tell me which web sites and blogs you visit regularly?
Well lets see, Jak & Jil, Stephanie La Cava, PachaDesign (a blog that wrote about us a while back and now I visit regularly), Bazek Alim (not really design related but inspiring, so appetizing and filled with amazing photos) and many more… Every day I find new and exciting blogs.
What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
The best advice I received was from my husband who told me to go with my gut, stay focused and do what I do best. Thats what helped me the most when we started out designing very large pieces that were not acceptable back then. But we stuck with it and the reactions were fantastic.
If you had an extra hour each day what would you do with it?
Being a mother of three (a hands-on mom or as they say “soccer-mom”) and running a successful business, I would say that if I had an extra hour I would probably get some sleep :)