Autumn/Winter 2010/11 | Magnum
  • I’m inspired by driven people and with this guy, I guess it’s an understatement!
    Oded Arama looks like the guy who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go for it, full speed. That’s why this time my One On One Break is extra special to me. The fact that at this moment Oded designs only men shoes makes me love him even more. We need men like him around here!
    That doesn’t mean I won’t look for his creations for women.
    His blog and Etsy shop are just a mouse click away.

  • Autumn/Winter 2010/11 Collection
    Autumn/Winter 2010/11 | Florian
  • Spring/Summer 2010 | Black Moiré Taffeta and Fine Black Calf Upper
    Spring/Summer 2010 | Golden Moiré Taffeta and Fine Black Calf Upper
  • Spring/Summer 2010 | Light Camel Nubuck Upper
    Oded's inspiration Board
I’d love to hear about you, your journey, how it all began.
I guess I have always been drawn to shoes. Starting at the age of 5 when I first watched a short TV film about the industrial shoemaking process. I always found the way a shoe is made to be magical. The way a piece of fine leather, an insole, a shank and beautiful sole can transform into a gorgeous 3d object. Beautiful to view on it’s own and even more on the wearer. A shoe can transform a look from casual to elegant in seconds, as well as our posture and walk.
Years later, as I was about to obtain my BDes in Fashion Design at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, I was working with a shoemaker in Tel Aviv to help me create the shoes for my womenswear collection. I was absolutely amazed by the creative process for the shoes and its beautiful outcome and just had the feeling it was only the beginning of something much greater. Months later I travelled to London for a very exciting internship in fashion studio Preen, where I had the privilege of being part of the creative process for the 2009 spring/summer collection. Later that summer, I applied for a footwear diploma at Cordwainers College which is one of London College of Fashion schools. I had an amazing experience learning the craft of shoemaking where legends such as Georgina Goodman, Rupert Sanderson, Nicholas Kirkwood and Jimmy Choo made their first steps in the footwear arena. Finally, I realized my dream – opening a luxury footwear brand for men, based in the city of Tel Aviv.
Can you describe your work process?
My work varies from design aspects to manufacture, distribution and PR. The design process is very long and rewarding at the same time.
It would either begin with a sketch, a photo or a piece of material I simply go crazy for. Next, I would copy the design’s lines to the last that seems to be the most suitable for my design. I would forward it to my pattern-maker for the first pattern. Then I would proceed to work with my manufacturer, doing as many samples as it takes to make my visual dreams come true (this process usually takes 1-2 months).
I tend to create the samples and then make up my mind which ones are the strongest one to be part of the actual collection.
Which materials do you work with?
Since I have Graduated my BA in Fashion Design at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, I believe I have gained a strong knowledge and openness towards different sorts of materials. Therefore, I like using anything from amazing moire taffeta fabric to genuine black calf leather. My soles are all leather, which makes them very comfortable and breathable.
What is the most unusual piece you have ever designed?
While studying at London College of Fashion I have designed a black square-toe shoe with a very unusual leather sole unit, that looked amazing with a unique silhouette.
Do you think you will ever design women shoes?
It’s actually “in the making”, but that’s all I can say for the time being…
What’s next? What is your dream?
I have lots of dreams and ideas.I would like to expand my collections in the upcoming future, establish international selling points and open a cozy boutique in Tel Aviv. I love collaborations and so I would love to collaborate with other artists and designers to create interesting projects together.
If you had an extra hour each day what would you do with it?
Probably a lot!
Even though life has a tendency to have you make the most of less time. It’s all about time management!
I’m curious to know where does your inspiration come from?
I believe I am like a vessel filled with different sorts of visual beauties that attracts me. Each time I design I would reach to something that “feels right” and that would be the starting point, and later things would evolve further on… I admire photography art by Man Ray, abstract paintings by Gerhard Richter, music by Bjork and Tori Amos and the beauty of organic shapes in nature.
Can you tell me which designers inspire you?
I admire the late New Yorker footwear designer Beth Levine for her amazing creations. I am inspired by the work of the late French designer Madeleine Vionnet for her views about the design process and timeless design signature.
What about some websites and blogs that you visit regularly?
I really like checking stumbleupon.com, where I always find interesting things happening. I also like The Shoe Snob, a very interesting blog by a young footwear designer living in the U.K.
What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
I don’t believe there is such a thing as “best advice”. I learn new things everyday from people around me: family, friends, colleagues and clients. I would say the most important thing is to be open-minded to the world around you.