January 2011

Student Break | Ori Sonnenschein | Smell Your Tableware | January 27.11

Ori is a 2010 graduate of the Industrial Design Department of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. In his “Solskin Peels” graduation project he conducted a material investigation. “I focused on finding a local biodegradable and functional material. I found it in citrus peels. Through simple processing I could produce a lightweight, durable, …

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Gabby Nathan | Shiny Plastic and Illusions | January 25.11

There are are sleep walkers and then there are people like Gabby Nathan who seems like can draw in their sleep. I can vision her hands sketching in the background… “Gabby’s work is a kind of painted autobiography, a complicated relationship with the world of shiny plastic and illusions.” As Gabby surrounds herself …

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