• 32. OMG. Such a scary number.
    Let’s get personal. Ten things you didn’t know about me:
    1. My Google Reader contains 1774 subscriptions.
    2. I collect Dunnies for a living. I have 48 and counting…
    3. I’m a reality TV junkie and I love it!
    4. I’m a terrible cook.
    5. I heart my abuella’s spicy carrot salad.
    6. My husband says I’m like a sunflower since I have to get a daily fix of sunshine.
    7. I once bought a shirt I didn’t like just to get the store’s shopping bag.
    8. After I got married, we quit our jobs, sold all our belongings and went backpacking through south america for seven months.
    9. I always think about vacating in Thailand but end up in NYC.
    10. I wish Bath & Body Works will open a store in Israel. They won’t regret it.
    And my secret wish for the new year is:
    11. I hope DesignBreak will become my day job.