The Office Bag
  • As I mentioned lately, my bag obsession is out of control. I’m trying to calm things down but when I come across a drop dead gorgeous office bag there is nothing I can really do about it.
    Tali Huldai and Amir Levin are the two designers behind “Koto Handbags” and after viewing their new collection I just had to dig in a bit more.
    BTW, love the fresh and unique layout of the brand. Well done guys!

  • The Arizona Bag
    The Sack Bag
  • The Jewel Bag
I’d love to hear about you, your journey, how it all began.
Following my gradation from the H.I.T. Holon Institute
of Technology as well as graduating from ARS school in Milan (shoes and bags design), it became clear to me that what I want most was to set up a design studio for hand bags. My partnership with Amir was the result of a natural process, and after four years of mutual study we set out on a long and complicated journey. It first began in a production process in Turkey, followed by visits to exhibitions in Italy which led to our understanding that controlling the process of production must take place in Israel. Today, most of the material are imported from Italy but production is carried out under strict inspection in Israel.
Can you describe your work process for me?
The onset of our initiative starts with an idea, followed by sketches and 3D designs using computer applications together with the process of choosing materials. I believe that the designing process is a kind of a circle that begins with an idea and ends with a final product which corresponds to the idea. I must admit that gaining experience has shortened the process as reality and marketing dictate to a large extent the process of designing. It is important to note that within the existing data we are still trying to maintain a particularly personal language without being too much influenced by changing trends. Our motto in designing bags centers around elements of timelessness that are very similar to the design of Eames chairs.
I?d love to here about your koto collaboration. How does it work and who does what?
By nature, Amir is a graphic designer who is charge of the graphic, the logo and the like. I am mostly involved in marketing our final products. However, we share full cooperation in our work at the studio, especially in designing and development.
Which materials do you work with?
Mostly with different kinds of leather.
What?s next? What is your dream?
To dream is a positive way of living!!!
I’m curious to know where does your inspiration come from?
Almost everything that we come across becomes a sort of inspiration, consciously and unconsciously. I believe that whenever a new process of designing begins, a new kind of inspiration emerges.
Can you tell me which designers inspire you?
I am basically affected by the Bauhaus school of design. We both believe that the combination of cleanliness and simplicity evokes perfection and harmony.
What about some web sites and blogs that you visit regularly?
The truth is we are not the ?wandering? type, when it comes to surfing the web, we get the handbag.com and Net-A-Porter newsletters and most of the time don?t even open them because we don?t have enough time. We admit we are less fashion and more industrial design and architecture oriented. One of our favorite websites is The Selby.