• I don’t know what about you but I already pulled out my Havaianas. Unfortunately It started to get chilly all over again. Oh well, I guess this is the right time to intrudues my first One On One Break, Tamar Branitzky.

  • Sneak peek from the summer collection
    Fabric design for fashion designer Keren Mualem
I’d love to hear about you, your journey, how it all began.
I had a lot of dreams that i wanted to fullfil (some of them are still on my mind), but I had to choose my studies. I chose fashion design but I didn’t get in.
I was accepted to the Textile Design Department at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, almost by accident…
Today I thank those who didn’t accept me because they gave me the opportunity to enter into the spectacular world of textile. By the first week at school I knew I was in the right place. To tell you the truth, I was never exposed to the Textile Design Department until the moment I got there.
School was a wonderful experience for me, the courses were versatile and let me connect the different worlds around me: dance, theater, painting, music, photography, and sometimes even fashion. All came to life in the fabric.
Can you describe your work process for me?
My working process is intuitive and experimental. My successful designs are those who happen by accident. Usually, I don’t make sketches. It all begins directly with the materials and the fabrics.
Can you tell me more about your scarves?
My scarves are actually wearable surfaces, made of multiple layers which combine different types of chiffon, cotton and silk. The texture is varying from scarf to scarf and it looks like the material is aging while maintaining a varied and rich color scale. Each scarf is made by hand and has a unique combination of color and material. The process is experimental and there is an element of surprise. The fabrics tell me how they fall apart and come together with other fabrics. Another part of the collection is handmade burn-out shirts that gives a fragile look.
Can you tell me which designers inspire you?
Diana Orving, Duro Olowu, Dries Van Noten, Proenza Schouler, Akris, and Monki which is a Swedish fashion company that I digg.
What about some blogs that you visit regularly?
sincerelyjules, alloverprint and pingmag who is no longer active but you can still find lovely designs and posts.
I’m curious to know where does your inspiration come from?
My inspiration is drawn from deferent places: recipe books from the forties, crumbling walls, family photographs from my personal archive. I test the scarfs limits and how text becomes texture. I translate sequences of actions in the kitchen to actions in textiles and from them create scarves.
I collect old black and white pictures from the beginning of the century and add color to them.
I admire those photographers and their subjects, often anonymous. The look in peoples eyes, their clothing and the location in the images are a source of inspiration to me.